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Motivation, Inspiration, 

Positive Change.

An Austin, Texas Based Company.

About Speaker-Buzz

What is a Speaker-Buzz?

A speaker-buzz is what happens when you hear a story so powerful it leaves you speechless, emotional, tingling inside, or in sheer wonderment for hours, days, or maybe weeks.  Speaker-buzzes have the ability to motivate the unmotivated, empower the powerless, build teams and inspire you and your organizations to achieve a higher purpose. 


Speaker-Buzz, LLC. is an Austin, Texas-based multimedia organization specializing in keynote speaking, live events, leadership development, intellectual property rights packaging for film and TV, and literary & talent management.  Our speaker roster includes people from all walks of life with extraordinary stories of triumph and perseverance. Men and women who have attained the impossible in the face of adversity: survivors, former pro-athletes, tech-influencers, arts & entertainment, academics, design, and healthcare professionals.  Some of the most incredible personalities from across the globe ready to share their amazing stories with you.  


Our clients receive engaging keynote events and interactive workshop programs designed to elicit targeted performance outcomes uniquely defined by you and your organization. 


Sharing Motivation, Inspiration & Positive Change with the world!

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Featured Speakers

Dynamic Storytellers from Across the Globe

Author | Speaker | Philanthropist | CEO, Too Driven

Known as “Big Coach” and as the CEO of "Too Driven," Spencer Conley is the backbone of many outreach programs that influence students, boardrooms, living rooms, and coaches’ offices.

Spencer shows his audiences how to put “talk” into “action,” encouraging individuals from all around the globe to not just DREAM but wake up and "LIVE" it – live beyond...

Author | Speaker | Screenwriter | Consultant | Former U.S. Army Ranger 

Joel is a global risk and crisis response specialist.  He served as an Assault Team Leader for the U.S. Army Special Operations unit, the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment during some of the most active years of the Global War on Terrorism.  Throughout his years of service, he participated in four (4) combat deployments,...

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Our standard Speaker-Buzz package includes your choice from the list  of our dynamic speakers.  After determining your budget, venue and date, we check to see if pricing and availability align with your vision and if so, you're on your way!


Our collaborative package combines embedded professional consultants and advisors for small & large group workshops to further sharpen your organization's purpose, and assist in boosting productivity and profitability.


Our exclusive package is a turnkey subscription solution which includes a combination of 12 annual speaking events and/or leadership workshops.  We remove the headache and hassle so you can get back to the immediate needs of your team and what you do best.


Buzz on the Street

Featured Keynote Speaker:
Ed Rush, Author | Speaker | Former Top Gun pilot 

Ed Rush is a former F-18 Top Gun fighter pilot who left the service back in 2006 to spend more time with his family of five. Since then, he has launched and sold several businesses and created a 7-figure income sharing what he knows and helping people to realize their best.


Ed's a veteran of over 350 one-on-one consulting deals in every industry imaginable. His clients range from small startups to multi-million dollar – multi-national organizations including CEOs, founders, political leaders, national universities, Hollywood celebrities, and one of the contestants on Season #1 of President Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.


Ed is also a 5-time best selling author on topics ranging from Marketing to Mindset and an Amazon Bestselling Author.



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