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It was twenty-seven years ago when international Versace male model, Troy Casey (call-sign: "Hansel") found himself caught up in the fast-life of the entertainment world. Craving something more, he began searching for a healthy alternative for realizing vibrancy in front of the camera and began studying the amazing benefits of nutrition, herbs, fitness, and fasting. This new found information gave Troy a burst of vitality which he combined with his adventurous spirit ultimately leading him to LA where he continued his work in the fashion industry, enrolled in the theater and subsequently worked as an actor and stand-up comedian.

Thirsting for a continued knowledge, Troy was inspired to scour the Earth in a quest for the most powerful health and healing methods. His relentless spirt lead him on yet another escapade to seek out and work with indigenous tribes of the Amazon as a medicine hunter, Maori Healer from New Zealand, studying the ancient Vipassana Meditation technique, Ashtanga Yoga and more recently at the world famous CHEK Institute, working closely with Paul Chek.

Troy speaks throughout the world, and has inspired thousands of everyday people to change their health habits by employing the information they learn at his workshops, and wellness retreats. He has a YouTube channel library of instructional video content that has helped millions of viewers discover how to live healthier lives. Troy has worked as a consultant on Discovery’s Network and continues to work in entertainment and media to this day.

Troy completed HLC1, HLC2 & HLC3 certifications in two years. He is driven by a vision for clean, air, water, soil and equitable systems for all mankind in his lifetime. He has a deep passion for personal and planetary wellness.

Troy lives in California with his two children.

Find out how Troy can help your organization today.

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