Former Navy Surface Warfare Officer | Leadership Consultant | All-American Lacrosse player Tim helps teams develop deliberate culture, resilient people, and leaders that put their people over everything. He holds a bachelor’s of science in economics from the United States Naval Academy. He was an All-American lacrosse player and four year letter winner from 2007 to 2010. A Navy trained leader, Tim has been deployed in support of operations in the Mediterranean Sea, Horn of Africa, and Persian Gulf. He was stationed onboard USS PONCE (LPD-15) where at the age of 21 he led his first team of professionals in the operational management of electrical distribution and communications systems. He would then quickly advance to become a Tactical Actions Officer onboard USS GEORGE H W BUSH (CVN-77). There, he was one of four personal onboard qualified to regulate the ship’s weapons, sensors, and propulsion in defense of mission capabilities. Onboard, he would lead a team of 135 personnel before moving to North Carolina to accept a role as the region’s Nuclear Engineering Officer Recruiter.

Tim has a extensive background in leadership development, leadership in high-stress environments, coaching, counseling, and developing people to undertake high level missions. He has a extraordinary grasp and approach to optimizing performance in team based organizations. Tim Paul is a leadership consultant specializing in transforming team and organizational culture through leadership development. A Navy Surface Warfare Officer for eight years, Tim gained his experienced in the hostile environment of the overseas battle space.

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