Sneak Peek of Upcoming Book "Further. Faster. Harder," by Joel Carpenter

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

July 17, 2018

Here is a sneak peek of the cover design and sample chapter from the upcoming book "Further. Faster. Harder," written by Amazon best-selling author, Joel Carpenter.

Book Synopsis: an aspiring actor’s fascinating Hollywood life is drastically altered after walking into the Hollywood Army recruiting station to sign papers to an eight year commitment with a four year enlistment to become a U.S. Army special operations soldier aka Army Ranger.

Joel is the founder of Speaker-Buzz LLC. and Austin, Texas based multimedia company. Since 2008, Joel has worked as a global risk and crisis response specialist and previously served as an Assault Team Leader for the U.S. Army Special Operations unit, the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment during some of the most active years of the Global War on Terrorism.  Throughout his years of service, he participated in four (4) combat deployments, three (3) Operation Iraqi Freedom and one (1) Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan.

Since his honorable discharge from military service, Joel has participated in multiple support deployments as a private security contractor and as a risk & safety specialist for the CBS TV reality series, The Amazing Race (U.S. and China franchises), traveling to 5 continents, 37 countries visited, and over 130,000 miles traveled. 

Joel graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice cum laude and is currently pursuing a master’s in International Relations and Conflict Resolution. He is an advocate for veterans’ initiatives who co-founded the Aaron Grider Foundation (AGF) a non-profit designed to assist widows and orphans of fallen service members. 

Joel's private sector experience has allowed him to gain a keen sense of awareness, and deep worldwide cultural knowledge and understanding.



by Joel Carpenter

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be one of two things when I grew up – a special operations soldier or a famous Hollywood actor. At this moment fame and fortune seem pretty achievable. It’s March of 2000, this is Hollywood, California – the place where "dreams come true. My name is Joel Carpenter. I’m a twenty-four year old struggling actor slash spec-screenwriter. I’ve been on hundreds of auditions; some of them studio lead roles, but so far – nothing, but that’s all about to change.

For the last several months I've been working to complete my first Hollywood manuscript and now due to a couple chance connections, I’ve got a hot spec-script on the market that soon will land me literary representation with two of the most reputable talent managers in the industry. "Why such certainty?" you might ask. Well, I’m on my way to a meeting with the president of what a major newspaper referred to as one of Hollywood's most prolific entertainment firms. Next week I’m scheduled to meet with another big name production company.

I enter the parking garage driving my ’87 Ford Mustang 5.0 G.T. Two of my close friends accompany me, one of them is a co-author of the script the other is a former stock broker and investment adviser. I exit my vehicle and glance up the face of a 35 story, 492 foot plaza building, the same building featured in one of my favorite movies from 1988, "Die Hard" the Nakatomi building also featured in the movie "Fight Club." I’m taking a surreal elevator ride to the thirty-first floor that places me in a momentary trance-like state. The bell dings and I step out onto the floor. Nothing stands in my way this time. This isn’t an audition, this is a scheduled meeting. There are no gate-keepers here. The receptionist already knows my name. I can feel it. I’m on the cusp of achieving a lifelong goal.

The receptionist dials the president's extension, then escorts me down a long hallway where posters of successful movies are framed on both sides of the wall. Before I reach another lobby just outside his corner office, I’m caught off guard by a larger than life-size science fiction alien character from a famous action film. The executive assistant instructs me and my co-writer to have a seat then asks "Would you like something to drink?" "Wow, this is nothing like an audition," I think to myself as I lean back in my chair reminded of the scene from Wallstreet when Bud Fox is about to meet Gordon Gecko and says "Life comes down to a few moments - this is one of them."

Joel Carpenter Bio | Speaker-Buzz

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