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People called him crazy. They said he was out of his mind. Napoleon Smith III has an amazing Cinderella story. Growing up in El Paso, Texas, he came from nothing and over the course of nearly a decade from graduating college he orchestrated the purchase of one of the most recognized intellectual properties in the Hollywood and comic-book industries the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Through his personal network he was able to secure the exclusive option to purchase rights that had eluded the Hollywood industry since the last franchise. Lightbox Entertainment was the name of the company and Napoleon was one of the managing partners. Together they brought a new twist and re-imagining to a previously known brand. Napoleon's accomplishments were cut short when his father and mother passed away in the same year just before the film's premiere. Ever resilient, Napoleon pushed on through life's challenges and adversities never giving up on his dreams and soon after was present on the red-carpet with his grandmother.

After the film's premiere, Napoleon successfully brokered the sale of Lighthouse and set out on several other rights pursuits to include the Grand Prix of Phoenix race, the Jackson Family Story whose book right were sold to Simon and Schuster and movie rights to an independent film company. Smith is currently the catalyst of another intellectual property known to television audiences as Captain Kangaroo. He and his celebrity partner, Mark Wahlberg are pushing full steam ahead with its development.

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