Former Navy SEAL | Author | Executive Coach | Entrepreneur

I take the knowledge and experience about leadership and teams from an elite level in military special operations and apply it to organizations.

Unlike other leadership team coaches who are familiar with high performing teams only from what they've read about or researched, I apply the practical experience gained from the pinnacle of the SEAL Teams to startup and corporate teams to accelerate how they work together within the larger system (i.e. the organization) and tie their improvements to the bottom line.

Specifically, I help teams explore the challenging situations they face, the ideal outcomes they seek, what it is about those situations that make it challenging for the team to work together and achieve those outcomes, and actionable-steps the team can take to achieve those results.

By interjecting powerful questions during real-time works discussions, I help the team see how their thinking and behavior are contributing to the outcome as well as creating unintended consequences. Eventually, my clients develop the ability to conduct this type of self- and team analysis themselves so they can produce the outcomes they want on their own without outside help and with few unintended consequences.

Industry Experience: • Healthcare • Tech • Startups • Oil & Gas • Finance • Consumer Products • Telecommunications • Agriculture

Specialties: Team coaching, team alignment, team dynamics, communication, decision making, leadership development, team development.

While there's no such thing as a "copy and paste" solution that works for everybody, there is such a thing as setting the conditions for success, which is exactly what I help leaders do in my Next Level Leadership coaching program.

What I've found since leaving the military and working with leaders and their teams is this:

While different people, different companies, and different industries all define success differently, the means by which they go about succeeding are always the same.

There's always leadership, communication, decision-making, and the need to adapt.

There's also a need to do so as a team.

But the teams I see in corporate America today aren't really teams--they're groups of individuals sharing the same space.

There's a "me before we" mindset.

There's no meaning in their work.

There's no belonging.

And then leaders wonder why turnover is so high or why they can't attract or retain top talent.

Business is based on relationships, and strong relationships are at the core of strong teams.

I provide solution-focused strategies for teams and organizations along three mediums:

  • Leadership & team coaching

  • Evolutions

  • Speaking

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