Healthy, Happy, Prosperous: How Actor & NFL Alumnus Pete Koch is Helping Change Corporate Wellness

Speaker-Buzz Staff | July 31, 2018

Speaker-Buzz recently interviewed NFL Alumnus turned actor and fitness coach, Pete Koch and quickly figured out, Pete is no ordinary 56 year old. At 6'6" he literally stands above the competition. No one debates the fact that Pete is in tremendous shape for his age. Almost daily one could find him working out at his favorite gym in Venice, California and not merely for his own physical advancement. Pete films a 30-second block of instructional conditioning techniques he calls "Making You Better 30-seconds at a Time," to assist his Instagram and other social media followers with techniques to help bring them back to a healthier physical state.

While many could make an ostensible assumption that genetics and a background as a professional athlete somehow make it easier, Pete feels this couldn't be further from the truth:

“Maintaining a high quality of life as we age is a commitment to the principles of longevity and health, an amalgam of interrelated choices that contribute to what I call health span which is the intersection of lifespan and excellent health.”

Pete Koch Fitness

For years corporations have been looking for ways to increase their bottom-line. One strategy has placed a focus on employee productivity and some companies have invested in extravagant moral, welfare and recreational systems to keep their teams from going off campus for meals. While food-bars, vending machines, and bagels can be viewed as harmless moral boosting treats, there can be long-term negative impacts on the overall health, wellness and productivity of the employees as well as a company's bottom-line.

“Successful people plan, their education, internships, career moves etc. so why would anyone assume their health would simply happen on it’s own? Everyone’s most valued asset is their health and few plan or know how to plan to optimize it through physical fitness, proper nutrition and lifestyle strategies.”

Born in Long Island, New York, Pete began playing contact football at the age of seven and continued playing for the next twenty years including captain of his winning New Hyde Park High School team, University of Maryland team to the ACC Championship and his appearance in the prestigious Citrus Bowl. Pete received All ACC and All-American Honorable Mention honors. Subsequent to his collegiate sports career, Pete was a First-Round selection (sixteenth overall) in the 1984 NFL Draft; selected by the Cincinnati Bengals. Pete also spent four years with the Kansas City Chiefs, notably starting at right defensive end in their playoff run of 1986 and wrapped up his six-year NFL run with the Los Angeles Raiders teaming with future Hall of Famers: Howie Long, Marcus Allen, and Mike Haines.

Upon retirement from the NFL, Pete transitioned into a successful career as a fitness model and actor starring alongside Hollywood legends Clint Eastwood as "Swede" Johanson in "Heartbreak Ridge," Burt Reynolds in "Heat and Evening Shade," Patrick Dempsey in "Loverboy," Pete Andropolous in "Johnny Be Good" and various others totaling more than 120 feature film and television productions.

In 2004 Pete developed a system of training that he calls Functional Advanced Sports Training or FAST, a melding of numerous scientifically proven training methodologies to optimize lean body development, rapid fat loss and maximized athletic performance. Pete has worked directly with world renown ‘non-surgical” rapid fat-loss expert Dr. Rob Huizenga MD, of "The Biggest Loser" fame in the design and implementation of physical fitness programs for guests of The Dr H Clinic in Malibu. Pete works hands-on with client guests, helping them maximize fat loss, improve their metabolic health and enhance overall health and well-being.

Pete Koch Fitness

Pete Koch Bio | Speaker-Buzz

About Pete Koch

Pete works with companies to custom build wellness programs to assist with reducing overall costs and speaks frequently on topics of motivation, and health & wellness through his high-performance training programs. Pete's strategies open the eyes of individual clients, businesses, c-suite executives, professional athletes, celebrities and many others to create positive change, human flourishing and prosperity through fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. Contact Speaker-Buzz if you're interested in adding Pete to one of your corporate programs or private events. Send an email to info@speaker-buzz or call p: 737.888.0038

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