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When Dr. Atalanta, an Ivy League graduate and single mom of two, found herself facing off in the amateur boxing ring against an opponent 15 years her junior—just released from prison for armed robbery--it was not what anyone in her former life would have expected. But Dr. Atalanta’s life defies expectations, as she crushes the self-limiting beliefs that hold women back.

An avid boxer and Golden Glove Champion, Dr. Atalanta is a single mom, sexual assault survivor, and sought-after commentator in the fight world on the topic of women’s personal defense. She is a certified SPEAR System instructor with world-renowned combatives expert Tony Blauer, and she has also trained extensively with former Navy SEAL Dom Raso of Dynamis Alliance.

Dr. Atalanta holds a Ph.D., and two Master’s Degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia, where she was an All-American athlete and snowboard team captain. She has extensive teaching experience at the collegiate and professional levels, having instructed at both universities as well as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. After completing her academic work, Dr. Atalanta directed her attention towards serving the Veterans’ community, spearheading fundraising efforts for the SEAL Future Fund and Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

In addition to having written and published her own research on Aristotle’s Ethics, Dr. Atalanta now specializes in working closely with writers from high-performance backgrounds. Her clientele runs the gamut from former Navy SEALs to the President of Floyd Mayweather’s $100m Money Team brand. She has presented her own writing at Harvard University as well as various other academic conferences nationwide.

Dr. Atalanta excels in motivating women to take control of their own personal defense, providing guidance and expertise in this field. Additionally, her own life’s journey provides a unique and deeply inspiring Eat-Pray-Love type of perspective, detailing the journey from a traumatic childhood to an elite education, surviving a sexual assault, the unfulfilling journey to a socialite’s lifestyle and her time as a stay at home mom, all shattered by divorce. What followed was an inspiring evolution into a wilderness guide, boxer, writer, philanthropist, and veteran’s advocate who works closely with top-tier military personnel.

Dr. Atalanta speaks on numerous topics, including the following:

  • Taking control of your personal defense

  • Bridging the veteran-civilian divide

  • Tier-One mindset lessons for women

  • Embracing your inner warrior

  • Warrior culture and mindset (ancient, modern, or both)

  • Life lessons from the boxing ring

  • Resiliency and grit

  • A woman’s defense of the alpha male

  • Personal defense considerations for single mothers

  • Inspiration for women undergoing life transitions

  • Body image, beauty, and cultural norms

  • Inspiration for single mothers, survivors of abuse, or survivors of sexual assault

  • Self-discovery after divorce

  • Authenticity, passion, and building the career of your dreams

  • The academic ideologies undermining America

  • The healing power of adventure

  • Contemporary life lessons of ancient philosophy

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